Ugly Fish Zodiac – Glass Lens – INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL!

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Read Ugly Fish’s sign and then reel it in with the Ugly Fish Zodiac sunglasses.The Ugly Fish wrap around polarised sports plastic frames are lightweight, great for long wear and shield your eyes perfectly – making them a popular choice for active individuals and recreational use.Get wet, play hard, take a ride, get a life, hit the road and gear up with Ugly Fish – sunglasses with benefits.Ugly Fish Lenses and FrameLENSESAll Ugly Fish sunglasses are polarised. Polarised Lenses eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays, reflective and blue light to increase comfort and prevent squinting while out and about on the water, snow and while driving. Polarised lenses also block light from the different angles, enhancing colours, reducing eyestrain caused from squinting and sharpening your vision.Lens CoatingsThe following coatings are standard features across the TAC, NYLON, BIFOCAL NYLON, POLYCARBONATE and GLASS Lens ranges.Anti-Scratch- The lens is treated on both sides with a hard coating to further strengthen and protect the lens, making it resistant to scratching and extending the life of the lens.AR-coating- the filters out any glare that may reflect back into the eye from angles that the sunglass cannot cover. It also eliminates reflections and ghost like images off the back surface of the polarised Lens, further enhancing the polarisation process.Revo Coating- An optional coating thats available with selected models. It acts as an additional layer to further reduce glare by reflecting it off the surface layer of the lens.Hydrophobic- This is a multifunctional clear coating treatment that provides salt water resistance for up to 72 hours and acts as a dust, water and oil repellant, making it much easier to clean stains, dust and finger marks and smudges off the lens.FRAMETR-90 Sports FramesSuperior materials for superior riders.Exceptional Characteristics-This materials is the ultimate choice when the best is what you demand. It is perfectly suited to all climates hot or cold making is the ideal choice for sports enthusiast. Being lightweight and highly flexible is what makes TR-90 frames so comfortable for all day wear. TR-90 frames are IMPACT RESISTANT, in accordance with European and Australian Safety Standards.Features include:- Remarkably tough- Highly Flexible- Stress crack resistance maximum impact strength, making them shatterproof- High resistance to UV damage- Exceptionally resistant to chemicals- High heat tolerance

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