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*Prices in USD*Pluma Lodge is located within a National Park and Indigenous Indian Territory, where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes Mountains. These clear running rivers wind through jungle and mountains, affording anglers the ability to wade and sight-cast to golden dorado. This jungle environment remains in a virgin state and is arguably one of the most pristine natural expressions in the world. Based out of the comforts of the Pluma Lodge, anglers have access to three diverse rivers: the Pluma, Itirizama, and the lower Secure Rivers. The water types vary from deep pools to rugged terraced pocket water.FISHINGThe Pluma River is a moderately-sized clear freestone river with incredibly beautiful jungle topography. This fascinating fly fishery offers varying types of waters and tributaries divided into various beats. The system holds four species: dorado, pirapitinga, yatorana and catfish. Fly only.ACCOMMODATIONThe Pluma Lodge experience is based on one jungle lodge, built entirely from sustainable hardwood. There are two smaller headwater out-camp options. The main Pluma Lodge features four cabins and sleeps eight anglers. Each cabin has spring beds, private bathrooms with hot water and electric light.GEARAs a general rule, 7 to 9 weight rods rigged with tropical grade floating/sinking lines. Wet wading is the standard. A complete list of gear will be sent upon trip confirmation. Hurley’s can provide expert advice on finding the right gear for your trip.TRIP SPECIFICSGuests will fly into Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Included are 7 nights /6 days of fishing with two overnights at the Los Tajibos Hotel. The lodge generator and battery system offer 110/220 power. It is necessary to bring a converter for your electrical devices. 99% of the fishing is done by wet wading or fishing from the banks of the rivers. Temps; 65º F to 95º F.RATESSeason: May – October7 Nights/6 Days FishingInclusions: All meals and double accommodations, roundtrip charter flights, two hotel nights, six days of guided fishing.About TsimaneTsimane is the first operation in the fly-fishing world developed as a joint venture between a private enterprise and a group of native people to set up a project which involves great social and environmental resposibility. The project is carried out in Tipnis (Indian Territory and Isiboro Secure National Park) together with Asunta, Uswea, Palmar de Aguas Negras, Oromomo and Areruta communities. It has the entire pertinent environment authorizations issued by SERNAP (Servicio Nacional de Áreas Protegidas- National Service that deals with Protected Areas) and the Environment Department of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.You wouldn’t think we came because the fishing was just ”good”. Among all of us in the Tsimane and Untamed Angling team have been lucky to fish in many of the best fishing places in the world, from the rocky crystal clear waters of Island, to the impossible flats from Seychelles; from the Intriguing Russian Tundra to the Desolate Tierra del Fuego and so on. Of all these wonderful places, none of them moves and represents so much for all of us. Probably because this is something that has never been shown to the world before. We deeply believe that this is the ultimate fly-fishing experience.This is not a new river in Alaska or in the Amazon, a new destination in Patagonia or another flat lost somewhere in the Indic ocean, this opens a door (one of the last ones yet to be opened) in fly fishing: Fly fishing in the jungle for huge dorados in small clear water freestone rivers.It’s something like fishing an animal as aggressive as a GT, as cyclothymic as an Atlantic salmon and as acrobatics as a jumping tarpon, but inside a trout stream environment like the Madison.It may seem pretentious or exaggerated expression, but when you experience these amazing dorados of the Bolivian Amazon, you’ll see that this is an extremely well targeted thinking.Talk to us about options for your Golden Dorago fly fishing trip!

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