Stalker Current Saltwater Combo


Stalker Current Fly Rod

this is our best, lightest, fastest Saltwater rod ever designed by us.

A great Saltwater Rod for all types of fish species, ideal for Christmas Island and other saltwater adventures, strong lightweight construction for reliable all-day casting.

– 50 Tonne: Graphite

– Extra Responsive Actions: It works with you.

– Lightweight: Exceptional Power to Weight ratio.

– Saltwater Componentry: High-Quality Salt water components.

– 4 Piece Plus Spare Tip: Extra insurance on your Fishing Trips.

– Lifetime Guarantee and solid Tube: Takes the pressure off you.

The HSG Reel: 

Machined aluminium.

Waterproof Design.

Quick-release spool.

Lightweight design Ultra-strong disc drag.

Cut out design.

Designed for saltwater and big fish.

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