Stalker Aire

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Check out combos HEREFeatures and Benefits46/50T Graphite; Advanced graphite is lighter, for thicker wall thickness and strength with minimal weight, allowing you to fish better with less strain. Fast action; Ultra fast rebound means that all the power placed into the rod is transferred into the line, providing exceptional line speed, and ultimately further casts, much easier. Titanium coated singles; Eliminates guide wear, super slick for longer casts, and with only one set of epoxy per guide eliminates weight and sloppiness.Triangle Taper SIC Stripping guides; Triangulates the line off the blank during the casting arc, resulting in less blank and line friction and easier casting distance and accuracy.Machined Triangular reel seat; Provides strength, eliminates unneeded weight, always aligns reel 100%, thru blank sensitivity for a better feel.Double locking O-rings; Absolute safety and surety of the reel lock up. 4 piece; For absolute ease of transport.Spare tip; Simply brilliant insurance when considering the vast distances we travel.Aluminium rod tube; Great safeguard while travelling.Lifetime Guarantee; Takes the pressure off you. LengthLine Action Grip Sections Weight gm Rod Tube Price 6’6″#2  fast cigar 4 + 178solid$399.95 8’2″#4 fastcigar4 + 196solid$399.959’#5 fastcigar4 + 1105solid$399.959’#6 fastcigar4 + 1108 solid $399.9510’#6 fastcigar4 + 1132solid$399.959’#7 fastwells4 + 1114solid$399.959’#8 fastwells4 + 1116solid$399.95 9′ *#6 fastcigar4 + 1122solid$399.959′ *#8 fastwells4 + 1128solid$399.959′ *#10 fastwells4 + 1142 solid $399.95* Saltwater Fly rod. 6, 8 and 10 wt Salt rods have a fighting butt. 6’6″ 2 wt- specificly made for overgrown streams that require an immaculate presentation, without the cumbersome length.8’2″ 4 wt- along the lines of the 3wt, but with a slightly faster action for more punch in open areas, and steering capabilities for bigger fish.9′ 5 wt- the most awesome blend of delicacy and power. A true dry fly presentation rod, that is just as capable at throwing tungsten nymphs to trophy trout. Again 3 inches literally makes a world of difference in the feel, accuracy and fishabilty.10′ 6wt- exceptional presentation loch and Czech nymphing style rod. Also great in float tubes.9″ 6wt- larger river/lake rod, that is the first choice for NZ travellers, one flick, let alone a cast, and you will know what we mean when we say first choice!9″ 6wt- Saltwater great for the Estuary/Bream enthusiast. 9′ 8wt- Saltwater weapon, casting heavy weighted flies into the wind. Ideal Weipa/barra/trevally rod.9′ 10wt- The bulldog of fly rods.  Ideally suited to targeting barra in timbered areas, and hard fighters like tuna, mackeral and GT’s.Looking for a reel too? Check out our Fly Packages for great savings.

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