SONAR Saltwater Intermediate


It’s not very often you’ll need to fish topwater flies in the salt. That’s where an intermediate line comes in handy. The SONAR Saltwater Intermediate fly line features a slow-sinking clear head that cuts through the surface and provides an amazing amount of stealth for those wary fish cruising the flats. From redfish and bonefish to permit and tarpon, give yourself an edge that fish won’t be able to see.Slow sink rate gets flies just below the surfaceEngineered for use in salt waterClear head for stealthy presentationsTropi-Core technology for tropical climatesSink Rate: 1.25 ips (Intermediate)SA ID – SA SONAR SWTI WF X I (X = line weight)SPECIFICATIONSLINE WEIGHTHEAD LENGTHTOTAL LENGTHGRAIN WEIGHT*WF-7-I38.0’ / 11,6m105.0’ / 32,0m198gr / 12,8gWF-8-I38.0’ / 11,6m105.0’ / 32,0m224gr / 14,5gWF-9-I38.0’ / 11,6m105.0’ / 32,0m260gr / 16,9gWF-10-I41.0’ / 12,5m105.0’ / 32,0m305gr / 19,8gWF-11-I41.0’ / 12,5m105.0’ / 32,0m355gr / 23,0gWF-12-I41.0’ / 12,5m105.0’ / 32,0m415gr / 26,9g

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