Riverworks Z Series Felt Boots

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FAST DRYING, LIGHT, AND AFFORDABLERiverworks Z SERIES WADING BOOTS™ are light, quick drying. Synthetic uppers are double stitched with German thread for durability. These boots will stay lighter by absorbing less water even after being totally submerged. Fitted with quality noncorrosive lacing hardware.

The Z SERIES WADING BOOTS™ are designed for less abrasive conditions, the X SERIES WADING BOOTS™ are recommended if you are going to be spending more time in amongst stones and rocks.

Molded PU midsole provides excellent shock absorption to maintain your comfort throughout the day

Riverworks X Tread Felt sole. Comfortable neoprene lining and shock absorbing Hexaform™ removable insole

Durable molded rubber toe cap


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