New Zealand Tongariro Guided Week


 Come join us on an amazing fly fishing adventure in New Zealand’s central North Island.From October this year, along with Derek Grzelewski, Hurleys Fly Fishing, have set up a brilliant base in Turangi right next to the fabled Tongariro River. We are running three hosted/guided weeks in Turangi.  For the past several seasons, October has been the most productive and consistent months and overall Taupo fishery is enjoying a long-awaited renaissance.   “Fly fishing in our rivers and lakes is the best it’s been for many years,” says our friend and Taupo trout scientist Michel Dedual. “For us fishery managers, it’s an absolute pleasure to go out doing anglers’ surveys and see so many happy fishermen and women, and hear them brag about their catches and the superb condition the fish are in.”   In October, Turangi offers a huge diversity of fly fishing: river mouths with shooting-head lines, upstream nymphing and beading or streamers on the Tongariro, plus the first of the season’s hatches of large mayflies and caddis. For those interested, we’ll also be offering an introduction to Spey casting and fishing lesson, which is becoming increasingly popular on the Tongariro.   The Turangi and Taupo area is predominately a rainbow fishery, different to Southland, slightly more social and relaxed, with less emphasis on sight fishing and casting accuracy. But there are trophy browns (well into double figures) in the lower Tong if you’re up for it!!! We’ll also be roaming as far as the magnificent Whakapapa River and the Lake Otamangakau, both known for extra large brown’s and rainbow’s.We can also make available tours to the hatchery, the National Trout Centre and visits to permanently-closed spawning creeks to give you a rare behind-the-scenes insight into the management of this one-of-the-kind fishery. These will be conducted by Michel Dedual, Mr Trout PhD himself.  So, get yourself to Taupo and we’ll take care of everything else.  Come and play with us in one of the greatest fishery on the planet.  Make “October in Turangi” an annual fixture on your calendar. We already have!   Prices include everything except airfares, licence and alcohol. $3750pp and is limited to 4 anglers only per week, so get in fast… . Rest assured, we may not charge you as much as the others, but we are better!

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