New Zealand West Coast Guided Week


Flying directly in and out of Christchurch, mainly chasing browns in streams, and staying literally a sheep paddock from the world renowned Lake Brunner.

I guess two main differences between our trips and others are that we use local guides, local accommodation, and locally cooked meals, which literally involves the entire community. The other is we accompany you on these adventures as hosts. We have constantly fished the many rivers and lakes in the area over many years, and makes certain your trip is the best it can be.

Arriving and leaving on a Saturday, so you get the full 6 days at least, plus some amazing evening hatches that the hosts can take you to when they’re off the clock! All trips include at least 3 days with Kiwi guides that are members of the NZPGA, and 3 days with your Hurley’s host.

Prices include everything except airfares. $3999.00pp. Rest assured, we may not charge you as much as the others, but we are better!

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