Stalker Glide Series Fly Line

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Our Glide fly line range offer the fly fishermen all the requirements in a top-quality fly line selection, the lines allow for powerful loading in a shorter distance with a shorter head section designed to deliver bigger flies, heavier rigs or while fishing heavier winds and fast rods

Glide- Khaki for non-fish scaring capabilities where it counts.

This ideal for the demands of New Zealand’s nymphing, cicada fishing and early/late season higher waters.


Our X-Stream fly lines are designed for medium-fast action rods, with long tapers designed to deliver medium to small flies out to any distance. the extended head section allows you to hold up the fly line at distance and the stiffer coating allows for straighter and stronger casts to land your fly with pinpoint accuracy. You will notice the subtle loading on a lighter line and the best presentation of any line available.

Fluoro green running line and sand head section

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