Riverge Flurocarbon Leader


Riverge Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader 9 ft

Riverge Fluorocarbon, world’s strongest Fluorocarbon from Kureha Chemicals.
“Polyvinylidenfluorid” is the chemical name for very innovative leader material for fly fishing. We are talking about knotless, drawn leaders and tippet material in different sizes. Fluorocarbon material was developed for pipeline construction and is very resistant against saltwater. 25 years ago Kureha Chemicals began the development of fishing lines of Fluorocarbon for the Japanese longline fishing industry which needed a strong line to withstand weeks in saltwater. Today there are many different Fluorocarbon lines on the market. But without a doubt, the best leader material, worldwide, from Kureha Chemicals is our Grand Max. Absolute top knot strength and breaking strength. Fluorocarbon material has many advantages over Nylon. Our leaders do not absorb any water, as opposed to Nylon, which will absorb water and thereby loses up to 40% of its strength. It is no wonder then, at the end of a long fishing day, an 11-inch trout breaks your leader!

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