Fly Fishing Guided Day – Emerger Course


The perfect day, with a constant guide on hand to sharpen your skills in casting, stream-craft, water management and generally fine tune you into the best fly fisher you can be…

this can be used as a fun fly fishing experience or with specific skills in mind to improve with someone who can coach you throughout the day while teaching you techniques that just make everything so much easier.

we will take you to waterways that are fishing the best in the area or you may have a region that you would like to target better… we can go there and show you from start to finish what makes a successful day… not that catching fish is everything.. but it certainly helps!

$299pp with one guide per two anglers or $575 for a single angler.

sessions leaving the store at 7.30am, returning 6.30pm.
held at various locations near Noojee in Gippsland or the rivers towards Eildon… Goulburn, Stevenson, and Rubicon.

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