First Cast Fly Fishing Course

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When you make the decision to get your hands on a fly rod, you will wonder why it took so long to pick one up. It is relaxing, yet heart-pounding, detailed, yet beautifully simple. Challenging, yet rewarding, and whether you’re wandering up a high country stream or with your toes buried in the sand, you do a ‘brilliant’ cast and you will instantly realize why you fly fish. It’s not all about the fish, it’s about testing yourself, and in some of the most stunning locations in the world… the fish are just a bonus.

Part 1: Fly Casting.  A great beginner’s course, 1 1/2 hours in a group learning format is allocated to give you a fundamental understanding, the techniques, and procedures needed to learn a good fly casting stroke.

Part 2: River/Lake Session The second part of the introductory river course is on the water fly fishing. In these 2 hour sessions, we touch on the differences in flies, fish reactions and what we are aiming to achieve over today… and the rest of your fly fishing years!

We explain the dynamics of the trout stream or lake in terms of the likely places to find fish, where they will be sitting in the water and explain why. We cover the different food sources that live both in and around the river that we represent with the different fly patterns. We call on all the wisdom we imparted in Part 1 of the course and get you on the water and fishing to the inhabitants, both brown and rainbow trout, and you’re on your way.

$99 with all equipment provided. Sessions 9.00am-12.30 or 1-4.30pm. Held at the Alpine trout farm, in Noojee, this is a great stepping stone for the Emerger or Explorer courses. Give the shop a call and we can sort out dates for you to start your journey into flyfishing.

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