Streamcraft Course – Victoria day trip

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Catering to all levels of fly fishers, from beginners wanting to learn new techniques, through to the fly fisher with years of experience, singles, groups and couples…this is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and fish new water, all whilst under the watchful eyes of our experienced guides.   You may have already spent anything from just a few months to even years fly fishing, and you just want to fast track your learning. Perhaps your casting is good, but you’re just not catching many fish. Maybe your casting does need a touch up, or your struggling with fly choice, or maybe you are on the brink of giving it all away because nothing seems to be working and your just not sure why!Whatever the reasoning behind it, our Emerger Fly Course is the answer. It literally has a guide on hand for the entire day to fix everything! So think of all the problems your having that are bothering you about fly fishing, now there is an expert on hand to give you an answer, explain and show you how to do it properly. If your casting needs realignment, he can adjust it on the water. If fly choice is a concern, he will advise and explain so that when you are on your own, you know what will be successful. Streamcraft is a word used a lot that most people don’t understand how to implement. Essentially it is knowing where the fish are, and how to catch them before you scare them! This is the basis of our day; we will direct and guide you exactly how to fish an area effectively and‘successfully’.  $199pp. Held at various areas throughout Victoria, such as Warburton on the Yarra River, Noojee in Gippsland, or the smaller rivers towards Eildon. Perfect option before doing the Explorer Course, Aire Course or Glide courses. *Trips run with minimum 2 anglers, subject to weather conditions.

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