AirFlo Blade Combo


Airflo Blade + Lamson Liquid + Airflo Bandit Fly Line + Leader & Backing – $729.99 Only $499.99


The Airflo Blade series of rods is the top end of the Airflo range designed by Rene Vaz specifically for NZ and Australian markets. Continuing the tradition of the premium Airflo range the Blade series is a lightweight, fast action, high modulus weapon that is finished with the same high-end componentry that you would find on a $1,000 rod. The stability and power of the rod enable tight loops and an action that will work for you from short to very long ranges. Available in the standard 9’0” #5-#8 models. Backed up by Manic’s Quick Fix Airflo warranty as well as coming with a spare tip for those oop’s moment, this is a timeless rod to have in the arsenal.

High modulus blanks built on multi tapered mandrels

High-end componentry

Stealthy black color

Titanium coated single foot guides

Spare tip and covered by Airflo’s “Quick Fix” warranty service for all manufacturing faults and $80 replacement parts

Comes complete with Cordura rod tube and cloth bags


When we started creating Liquid we focused purely on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer.  Structurally you can do things with casting that you can’t machine, such as full radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners, and for a precise fit and finish you can go back and machine the cast part in critical areas amplifying the best aspects of the process.

We pushed back on other boundaries as well. How much of a reel at this price can we make here in the U.S.?  Quite a lot as it turns out, and it’s a good mix.  These high-quality castings are imported, but the components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined here in the U.S.  Liquid reels are assembled in Boise alongside our highest priced reels.


The SuperDri technology has been developed for the serious floating line angler, featuring a friction reducing coating which lets the line glide through the rod rings and adds yards to your cast. The SuperDri’s coating gives you unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines.

Designed exclusively for the New Zealand and Australian markets, the Bandit SuperDri is the ultimate all-round trout stalking fly line, it has enough power to knock over bulky flies and indicators whilst also maintaining a clean loop shape capable of dropping a fly on a trout’s nose at 70 feet. The unique dual color camo tip design helps break the outline of the fly line on the water for the ultimate in stealthy approach.

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