Aire Course – Victoria Trip


This involves the 3 days, 2-night course, which gives you a great understanding of what is on offer and what you can achieve, not only in Victoria but Australia and the rest of the world!

We will go through several fishing techniques and scenarios, to fast track your learning on a variety of different waters. We literally start in Victoria’s headwaters, which offer an outstanding ‘hit’ rate, particularly on dries in these fast flowing mountain streams.

The cast, line management, and striking capabilities are all tested, constantly, which leads to an action-packed day.

The next day is a similar scenario in the morning, we can’t guarantee you catch fish after fish, but we can assure you that you will be casting your fly over countless fish, followed by a quick drive to a larger river after lunch. Larger rivers sometimes have a slower pace, but the chance of bigger fish! We envisage fishing here for the evening rise and staying close by the water.

The following morning we are up early looking for rising fish on the nearby Stillwater or lake, which has a host of different techniques required, before ‘fishing’ our way back home… stopping at every river along the way!

$1149.95pp which includes all your food, accommodation, transport and guiding, and is based on twin share. Single angler rate is $1999.95.

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