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We all use guides for different reasons. To learn the basics, correctly, if you’re stagnating at the intermediate level, fishing unfamiliar water, or you simply don’t have the time to prospect.

Whatever your reason, we have put together a team of undoubtedly the best fly fishing guides in Australia and New Zealand. These Hurley’s Fly Fishing endorsed guides are 100% committed to allowing you to achieve all that you can.

Hurley’s Fly Fishing accredited guides are the genuine experts, selflessly passing on knowledge and tips learnt over 10, 20, and 30 years of guiding, ensuring you improve, becoming the fly fisher you aim to be.

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My fishing started literally from just a few years of age in my home town of Hamilton and I was hooked, but it wasn’t until the fly fishing bug got a complete hold of me that the scene was set for this inevitable business in fly fishing…

I started helping new fly fishers around 30 years ago get into this great sport, more just out of enthusiasm, until it all fell into place over the next few years to come to where we are now… Hurley’s New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures…

For the past 25 years, I have been guiding hundreds of clients on what I believe are the most pristine rivers and lakes in the world, sight fishing, to the wildest strain of brown trout found anywhere. I honestly know it’s not like a real job; it is an exceptional job, and something I live for every single day.

I am a sight fishing fanatic… I cannot help it… My ideal guiding day is walking up a crystal clear river and spotting a brown, choosing the right fly and watching you lay that cast and that fish to take… Whether that is the first fish of the day or the last, the fact that you also saw it, got that take, and more importantly, you see it all unfold, regardless of the outcome… that to me is what fly fishing is all about…

I believe fly fishing is not about numbers or size, it’s about learning, improving, seeing new places and finding targets, making every opportunity count and being in that moment.

That’s my promise to you, on every day I guide you…

New Zealand’s Southland really is the best in the world and I really look forward to sharing it with you.

Gavin Hurley
Founder, Hurley’s Fly Fishing

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Trouty at heart! Born in Rotorua, NZ’s famous lake fishing district and with the mighty Tongariro River just down the road, there was no choice but to grow up learning fly fishing in the best place in the world!

Moving to Australia to explore a new area, it was hard not to fall in love with the stunning mountain streams and fly fishing opportunities close to home!

Joining the Hurley’s Fly Fishing team in 2010, and manager of Hurley’s Fly Fishing, Stu runs most of the Australian guiding and beginner through to advanced courses, but still sneaks over to NZ for part of the season as a host on our New Zealand Adventures.

Huge passion for trout, fishing weekly on the local rivers within 2 hours drive of Melbourne during the season, and getting onto some bigger fish in the lakes during winter, Stu is a great all-rounder and will be sure to give you an exciting and successful day on the water!

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Born and raised in Southland New Zealand and based in Gore next to the famous Mataura River, Brendan specializes in sight fishing for Brown and Rainbow trout.  Brendan has many years of experience in the pursuit of trout with dry fly and nymphs which he has developed at his vice. He also has an in-depth knowledge of many Southern backcountry rivers and low land streams, many well known for their prolific hatches and healthy population of trout. Guided trips are tailor-made for your fitness level and angling experience guaranteeing a memorable fly fishing adventure. 

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Experience the best fly fishing Australia has to offer in the Central Highland lakes of Tasmania, Australia with tasmania trout fishing guides.

Discover our fly fishing Tasmania adventure tours and world class fly fishing, using a Hobart, based fly fishing trout guide.

Our fishing tours range from 1 to 6 days, are all inclusive of flyfishing or lure gear, lunches, waders, wet weather gear, customized flyfishing boat, tuition for the novice angler, transfers from your Hobart accommodation to the Highlands. We also offer Highland accommodation, from Lodges to cabins.

Fly or lure fish, polaroiding, stalking, wading, drift fish and catching truly wild Tasmanian trout. It’s all available, with flyfishing trout guide tours to unique locations, pristine waters, an expert trout guide, flyfishing tuition for the novice or expert if you need it, plus the right flies and all you have to do is fish.

Learn to flyfish, It’s guaranteed to take your mind off work. As a professional instructor and trout guide I also offer a full range of tuition tours and for the novice or expert. Lures are another simple option for anglers who want to trout fish Tasmania.

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Operated by Guide Matt Stone, Trout Tales take pride in creating trout fly fishing packages in Tasmania – offering highly personalised and memorable fly fishing experiences.

Tasmania presents the perfect place for fly fishing – with the rare opportunity to be completely immersed in pristine wild landscapes only a short distance from our cities. Many of these stunning locations are home to world-class fly fishing opportunities.

Trout Tales Tasmania offers fly and trout fishing tours across the state, where you can experience an endless range of rivers, lakes, tarns and lagoons; packaged within an all-inclusive, guided fly fishing adventure that is aimed at anglers and enthusiasts of all experience levels.

“After many years of early morning starts, long days on the water and endless lessons learned from unforgiving trout -I have accumulated a deep knowledge of fly fishing and respect for how Tasmania is truly a special place to experience. What excites me is the opportunity to combine my passion for trout and fly fishing in Tasmania with my experience as a qualified chef – creating all-inclusive, unique and highly personalised guided fly fishing packages.

At the Highland Fly I offer a range of personalised guided fly fishing services, generally for one or two people at a time: 

  • In the Central Highlands of Tasmania either fishing from my Quintrex Hornet or wading the shores of the local Hydro Lakes;
  • River fishing in rivers like the Meander and Mersey Rivers in northern Tasmania or the Tyenna in the South; or
  • On private fisheries, like 28 Gates in the South or Herne Lodge in the Highlands.

Over the course of the season I also collaborate with other registered guides to offer Introductory Fly Fishing Days at Herne Lodge.

As a member of Trout Guides and Lodges of Tasmania I am also able to work with group booking if I need to bring other guides into the mix.

Days with the Highland Fly are fully inclusive of all gear that you might need (unless you want to bring your own), plus catering over the course of the day. If we’re on public waters you’ll need to avail yourselves of a fishing licence.

I am Hobart based and therefore am able to transport people to and from the lakes, but also have a home base in Miena on the Great Lake which means I can provide services to support your stay in the Central Highlands. I can also assist you with finding local accommodation.

As a member of Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania I am obliged to hold appropriate licences, registrations, insurances and qualifications to ensure the highest quality services.

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